As is with most home improvement projects, there are times when unforeseen items crop up when you start looking past the obvious. One of those common to painting is carpentry work. Rotted or brittle wood won’t take paint and you need to make sure these items are replaced properly to maintain the integrity of your home. We are especially careful to look for and replace cracked clapboard, cracked or missing shingles and rotten garage door trim and window sills.
Carpentry Repairs

Our carpentry repairs include:

  • Upon preparation of exterior painting we make sure all boards are checked
  • We replace all rotten or cracked boards
  • We replace any deck wood with cedar, mahogany or ipe (the iron wood)
  • Crown moldings
  • Chair rails
  • Beadboard & wainscoting

Adding these features will dramatically improve the look of the project and give you a new home “feel”! By adding crown molding or chair rails you give your home the accents that add to an overall feel that you can’t put your finger on, but just make the room. Beadboard or wainscoting add touches that help make your house a home, and make a tremendous difference in appearance.

Call, email, or come by the office today for a free consultation and estimate. We’re happy to discuss your project and offer ideas to help make your home beautiful again.