Kris, will you be present on the job site?
Yes from estimate to final walk-through you will deal with me as I am there two times a day

Are you insured?
Licensed and insured (workers comp, liability, disability)

When you start job ,do you work there every day?
Yes we will work on your project every day until it is completed and you are satisfied, weather permitting for exterior work.

My home was build before 1978, does it contain lead paint?
We are certified lead paint specialists and will take all precaution to protect, you, your home and the environment.

Would you help me to choose a color?
That is one of our favorite parts of the project!

I have mildew in my house, I would like to power wash it, it will damage the paint?
No when we wash/clean your home we use low pressure & delicate solutions that will not harm not harm paint, shrubs pets or children. We can also wash your roof & sidewalk. In fact, our process is so safe we can clean the grout in your bathroom!

When you do your maintenance painting, will there be touch-up spots?
No we are very experienced performing maintenance painting and will make sure no one, not even us, can tell the difference.

I noticed some boards on my house are rotten, do I need to call a carpenter?
We will replace all rotten or cracked boards with best material (we prefer cedar).
If board is in contact with water or moisture all the time we will replace it with PVC board (AZEK). After painting it will look like wood but will never rot.

Do you use seasonal help or subcontractors?
No, my team of painters work with me all year long. They are handpicked professionals who I have trained and are honest, hard-working people. Like myself, they love painting and are proud of their work.